Grumman F-9J (F9F-8) Cougar

It wasn't the first swept wing design in the Navy inventory but the Cougar was the first to see active service on board an aircraft carrier.

In creating its first swept wing design, Grumman greatly reduced development time to less than a year by taking the tried and true Panther fuselage already in production, and fitting it with swept wings and a new tail section. The swept wing design continued as F9F, starting with F9F-6 and carrying the new popular name, Cougar. The first flight of the swept-wing Cougar occurred on September 20, 1951 and many variants followed through the years until production ended in 1959.

Pima Air Museum has three Cougar versions; the F9F-8 fighter bomber, the F9F-8P for photo reconnaissance, and the TF-9J two-seat trainer.

Technical Data
Type: Carrier based Fighter Bomber
Crew: One
Engine(s): One Pratt & Whitney J48 of 7,200 lbs. thrust
Wing Span: 34 ft., 6 in.
Length: 40 ft., 10 in.
Height: 15 ft., 0 in.
Maximum Speed: 690 MPH
Cruising Speed: Not available
Combat Radius: Not available
Maximum Range: 1,000 miles
Service Ceiling: 50,000 ft.
Armament: Four 20mm cannon and wing pylons for a 3,000 lb. bomb load
Cost: Not available

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