In the summer of 1999, my Dad and I built a 20' x 40' barn on the side of my house. A man cannot have too much garage space!
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February 2000 - The big rig fits! But only after putting a header & 9 inch pop-out in the back wall. My Dad's motorhome was 7 inches longer than the factory said it would be. Arrrrrgh!!!!

Progress as of mid November. Its mostly finished. The upper roof is steel, and the lower portion is composite shingle.

Except for some drainage to be completed, most of the work required is inside now. Electrical and fire sprinklers (city requires them, can you believe it?!!) are next to be worked on.

First coat of paint in progress.

Hanging the last of the T1-11 siding.

View from roof of house.

Framed and ready for roof sheeting.

Driving trusses into position on the top plates.

Walls framed and ready for truss delivery.